How to trust online poker

May 24, 2015 Online Poker Safety0

We provide an overview of the current situation of online poker and debunk some of the most common myths to explain how you can trust online poker.

Online poker, and online gambling more generally, have both received widespread criticism from the government, both in the US and other countries. There are ongoing concerns about the safety of online poker and ethics of the poker industry. There remains a very cloudy area when it comes to poker regulation and legislation.

The combination of these factors and the recent online poker scandals have all contributed to an increasing dislike and scepticism surrounding online poker. This has led lots of potential players to question online poker sites and distrust them completely.

How to trust online poker

Players that do not trust online poker are usually worried about:

  1. If their money and personal details are safe online
  2. If they will be cheated
  3. If what they are doing is legal
  4. If poker is ethical

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