Winning Poker Hands Guide

Our guide for winning poker hands will improve your online poker knowledge. Poker hands fall into several categories, such as flush, straight, or two pairs.

Poker winning hands vary depending on the poker game being played. Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Five Card Draw all use the traditional ‘high’ poker rankings.

Winning Poker Hands: Traditional ‘high’ poker rankings


Straight Flush

Five cards in numerical order, all of identical suits.


In the event of a tie: Highest rank at the top of the sequence wins.

The best possible straight flush is known as a royal flush, which consists of the ace, king, queen, jack and ten of a suit. A royal flush is an unbeatable hand.


Four of a Kind

Four cards of the same rank, and one side card or ‘kicker’.

Four of a Kind

In the event of a tie: Highest four of a kind wins. In community card games where players have the same four of a kind, the highest fifth side card (‘kicker’) wins.

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