Top 5 Online Poker Tips

Online poker games are computer based and like all computers, they are programmed to do what the programmer has instructed them to do and follow a set cycle. If you can understand when the machine is going to pay out then you stand a better chance of taking home real money! Here are some top online poker tips for you to enjoy!

Online poker tips every player should know!

1. Always play online poker

With average payout rates in excess of 96%+ the probability of winning is higher. Poker in your local casino only pay out about 90% (sometimes even less) and are designed to generate revenue for the venue. Online poker companies have very few overheads so they typically pay out more.

2. Be wary of the cycles

Both online poker and local casinos go through cycles of paying out and taking money. If the machine is not paying out then it is best to change games as putting more and more money in will not lead to anything.

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